P-Box Manufacturing specializes in the manufacture of customised plastic enclosures and components, using the NTN Technology. NTN (No Tooling Needed Technology) is a process whereby no expensive tooling is needed to create a enclosure to your specifications. This technology is used to produce a enclosure by CNC machining, bending and Plastic welding components and parts together to produce the desired outcome at low cost. 

Our vast experience achieved from manufacturing numerous Electronic Enclosures, various components and panels allows us to manufacture any Plastic or PVC Component part or enclosure to your specifications. 

Our unique N.T.N process and no mold required method enables us to deliver exceptional products, such as covers, trays, and housings, using simple operations. Quick turn-around engineering and In-Time short production runs are our specialty. No minimum orders, no repeat setup charges!

P-Box Manufacturing we manufacture components enclosures and parts from Flat
PVC, ABS Plastic, Polystyrene, HDPE, and Polypropylene. 

other things we have manufactured to clients specifications are Condom Dispensers,
Custom Breaker Enclosures, Security Enclosures, Fingerprint Scanner Enclosures,
Mining Enclosures, Pump Controller Enclosures, Access Control Enclosures,
Battery Enclosures, Solar Power Enclosures, Call Logging Enclosures, Perspex
Components for inclusion in Sheet metal Enclosures, Perspex windows for small
electronic Screens and more ……

prefer to work hand in hand with your designers from the concept till the final
prototype is delivered. That way we can cut down on unnecessary prototype
changes and end up with a final product that you and the end user will be proud